TowerDraw FAQ

1. What is TowerDraw?

Please see the product description page.

2. How do I get started working with TowerDraw?

To get an immedate touch of the software you can start by following the step-by-step instructions starting from chapter 6 of the user manual.

3. What are the other tool palettes in the software window?

TowerDraw is an add-on application built on top of the MicroStation CAD-package. When the application is started MicroStation presents all of its' tools to the user too. The sheer volume of MicroStation's complexity and functionality makes it impossible for us to include instructions of its' use in the TowerDraw manual.

MicroStation is shipped with its' own excellent user manuals that you should refer to. For more information on MicroStation you can also see the manufacturer's (Bentley systems) home pages.

4. Which MicroStation versions are supported?

TowerDraw was originally designed for MicroStation 95. It is, however, certified to work with the following later versions too: The V8-version and later are not supported and TowerDraw will not function at all with them. We have no plans to port TowerDraw to MicroStation V8 at the moment.

5. Why does the PLACE FRAME command force me to place a corner frame even though I select another type and identify a middle redundant of a field?

Please check that you have changed the field number properly while drawing the fields of a multiple field bodypart. A common error is to place multiple fields with the same field number and this causes the software to fail identifying the corresponding middle redundant on the opposite side of the field.

You can check and edit the field numbers of individual members with the EDIT MEMBER command.